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Session Title:  Shaping New Ways of Teaching for Tourism in Uzbekistan




Uzbekistan's International Tourism brands: #Shangri-la #Shoshkent #Zangiota #Samarkand #Bukhara #IchanKala #Askiya #Chustduppi #Chustknives #Andijonpolka #Kuvaonori #MargilonHonatlasi would be discussed based on authentic texts Training Principles a re continuing to research on ESP &  BizEnglish issues ;best practices, analysis of pluses & minuses of our previous session  Encouraging previous Participants for Moderators,Teaching & Moderating ESP for Faculty & Students, cooperation with International Tourism companies,as a part of Uzbekistan’s Educational Ecosystem  #UzbEnglish means:Teaching Students’ majors at 20 Branches in capital & far regions of famous foreign Universities in English; International online conferences moderated by Government officials, companies’ CEOs, Universities’ administration as English Speakers Halima as the Agent for changes in Routine ESP Teaching in Uzbekistan will share her novel point of view as Intelligent Tourism at Great Silk Route as the part of Experiential Tourism widely gaining cohorts of travelers worldwide  

 Target audience:

This session is for both teachers that are completely new to ESP field well as teachers who are already conducting lessons in non-philological context in higher education, and/or adult education. This session is also suggested for online and classroom educators, as well as future teachers. Faculty and Students of about 20 foreign universities and branches, where English is the language of instruction; private schools across the country with English medium; working forces of companies,especially in the International Tourism sector

Session objectives: By the end of this session, participants will have relevant knowledge on teaching  ESP, STEM, Business English; participants will master  their digital competence,attend at least 5 online classes,provided by Moderators at Zoom, AdobeConnect, Wiziq platforms;they will create at least 2 YouTube, Mover videos; some participants will shift from their simple attendance to an active participation and later they will become active presenters in educational projects in Uzbekistan and in wider world

Syllabus:The session syllabus. Include the major focus for each week and at least one activity or task. You will fill in the details during the training session.

Week 1: (January 11 - 17) The Moderator is Halima Ozimova

During this week participants will be:

  • get acquainted with other participants and session moderators as well as the online platform and tools used for this session;

     solving  today's ESP  issues as a continuation of outcomes of the previous evosession in online English classrooms:

http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/127658303/Call_for_Participation_2019 (Links to an external site.)

https://mover.uz/watch/Z2EKXKAm/ (Links to an external site.)

Halima begins with the brand  #Shangrila as a destination at the Great Silk Route:




 She will discuss ESP  issues in higher education in Uzbekistan:

https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=1256126728101408&ref=watch_permalink (Links to an external site.)

Frederick Starr: "Lost Enlightenment" (Links to an external site.)Frederick Starr: "Lost Enlightenment"

She will discuss the main issues in today's Tourism:



She will AMAP mention all sources for really efficient pieces of training and will support any activity for making them more consistent, relevant, professional!

She will analyze some authentic texts on #MargilonHonAtlas as worldwide Uzbekistan's brand:

Writing essays  about ESP issues:

https://www.britishcouncil.uz/en/events/inconversationseries/creative-entrepreneurship?fbclid=IwAR1G26yffuu9hi2uGoY1NVr58MBcNxatx34V6Pncztyjjn2YwWrzBlSV448 (Links to an external site.)

The outcomes of the watershed International Tourism event  in Uzbekistan ,and after-the Event interviews of Gulsum and https://twitter.com/UZAmbassador (Links to an external site.)

will be assignments, which gain consistency and relevancy for Uzbekistan Educational Ecosystem 

https://www.google.com/search?q=tta&rlz=1C1GGRV_ruUZ832UZ832&oq=TT&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l2j46i433j0j69i60l3.4002j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 (Links to an external site.)

Halima will support outlining assignments immediately due to needs in regions, from where our Moderators are, she will provide  authentic texts 

Tashkent’s Hallmarks, where #UzbEnglish can be heard at campuses of branches of American, Britain, Indian Amity, Singaporean, South Korean universities would be visited by our Moderators and Participants

By the end of this session, participants will have got-acquainted introductions and practice with session tools as appropriate for 5 weeks. The audience would be divided into groups due to the regions, they can read  Authentic texts on famous ancient destinations at the Great Silk Road; reading & analyzing focusing on ESP Features, Managerial  Tools as Needs &  SWOT analysis, Venn Diagram would be explained and samples of Similarities and Differences in International Tourism would be crafted


    Week 2: (January 18 - 24):  

Sharing the first-hand experience about American -Uzbek TESOL Connections:

Comparing TESOL approaches at American and Uzbek Universities;

Creating Teaching aids due to TESOL Standards in the USA and in Uzbekistan;

Methodological approaches, Curricula &s Syllabi, samples of assignments and tests due to TESOL Standards

Sharing opinions on the topic: What does it mean for Uzbeki to be abroad a cultural ambassador?


Week 3: (January 25 - 31): moderated by Gulsum Tillabaeva

During this week, we will have useful, interesting online meetings at Zoom  She will choose Zoom sessions ,organize at least 3 Zoom conferences with students and specialist. Her  topic will be “Role digitalization in learning English in Uzbekistan”. During this pandemic time she has already organized and facilitated  around 20 online Zoom conferences and webinars with local and international hoteliers, students, guides and government people. She believes that tourism sector is the business area where it is important  English knowledge and other languages in introducing our country to wider world


 Week 4: (February 1 - 7): moderated by Ozoda Turabova

During this week participants will practice:  EFT Lesson Planning and Material Development, participants will:


  • brainstorm characteristics of suitable materials for English for Tourism;
  • complete a survey highlighting importance of using authentic materials (brochures, newspaper, journals);
  • discuss commonly used vocabulary on EFT field helping teachers to be well-prepared for meeting their workplace requirements;
  • improve learners methodological skills by exploring types of activities that can be used in EFT area;
  • generate a sample innovative lesson plan on EFT;
  • upload their team's lesson plan and give feedback on the other teams'  lesson plans/activities;
  • reflect on the feedback they have received;



Week 5: (February 8 - 14): Moderators are Halima Ozimova and Adolat Kalanova

 Halima  will summarize outcomes and evaluate contributions of all Moderators and Participants  She plans time in her syllabus for wrap-up actions and all 5 sessions  evaluations. 

Adolat will be the guide for all session moderators and successful Participants in the place of our Outdoor Eating at the famous:


Adolat will inform Moderators and Participants about Uzbekistan's cuisine, which became famous in the world, because #ESP #EFT are  becoming the language of instruction at Universities' Departments, where  International Tourism Specialists are produced  


Halima would discuss the first steps in Uzbekistan,where ECO Educational centres are working

Adolat will describe profiles of potential Tourists, who travel to Bukhara, for sightseeing the Jews’ legacy :




Dear Participants!

You can register at these media:

Canvas: Shaping-New-Ways-of-Teaching-English-for-Tourism-in-Uzbekistan (instructure.com)  The code is: B63YEB

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6710224812997931008/

Twitter:https://twitter.com/halmbaprof  Hashtags: #Uzbekistan #Uzb30  #UzBrands


Telegram messenger: https://t.me/evo2021_new_way

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/halmbaprof/  @UzBrands 

QR for entering via smartphones https://canvas.instructure.com/profile/qr_mobile_login 

CouchSurfing: https://www.couchsurfing.com/groups/2164/threads/26767961



Communication with session participants:

  • Interactive space (group/community/forum): 
  • Content space: Canvas Free for Teachers
  • Live meeting space (for synchronous events/webinars): Zoom


Other technology tools: 



Suggested sponsor(s): Sponsors are professional associations who would be willing to advertise your session in their elist or newsletters, and who would help create an audience for your session and an interest in EVO participation. (No money or other physical support is requested!) TESOL Interest Section(s) or affiliate(s), IATEFL Special Interest Group(s), or other group(s) who could sponsor your session, such as JALT, KOTESOL, or AVEALMEC. N.B.: The EVO Coordination Team will arrange for TESOL-IS sponsorship, but please tell us which Interest Section you feel would be most likely to sponsor your session. For non-TESOL organizations, we ask that you list all likely sponsors, but please confirm sponsorship with them yourself after your proposal is accepted.




Moderators: Fill in the table on the page you have created for all session moderators and co-moderators. You can change or add to the list later. Co-moderators are expected to take part in the training session along with moderators.


Name (last, first)

Email address

(country of residence)

(max. 50 words) 


Halima Ozimova 


and halima43@mail.ru

Uzbekistan, Tashkent 

Halima is an emeritus European MBA Lecturer on Professional Development and  Labor Market Competences 


Gulsum Tillabaeva gulsunxon@gmail.com Uzbekistan,Tashkent Gulsum obtained her MA in Islamic Studies in Tashkent; she stayed about for 7 years in the UAE,where she worked in the Hospitality Sector; Gulsum is one of the facilitators & moderators  at  this International Fair appointed by the Deputy PM, responsible for implementing ambitious  plans in International Tourism.
11-13 November 2020, for the first time in Uzbekistan, an online forum will be held within the framework of the Tashkent International Tourism Fair "Tourism on the Silk  Road-2020"; 

Participation in the event is free! Take part in the forum!

For more information please visit https://uzbekistan.travel/titf-online/en/.

Adolat Kalanova dodikbotanik@gmail.com Uzbekistan,Tashkent 

Adolat is a freshman at St Petersburg University,at the Department for Oriental Studies: she is well known among CouchSurfers,who have visited Uzbekistan, she is a good  guide and translator 

Adolat is keen in implementation of #IOT technique in Hospitality sector

Ozoda Turabova ozoda.turabova@gmail.com


Ozoda holds a bachelor's degree in Philology and master's degree in Linguistics at UzSWU. She is a passionate and experienced EFLT at her AlmaMater delivering lessons according to international standards. Being an ambitious networker and organizer, she has contributed in organizing many small and large scale projects of Ministry of Education and British Council in Uzbekistan.
















































































Primary Contact:  

Halima Ozimova    +99871 267 43 99   

@halmbaprof   at #Telegram Messenger


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