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  A Healthy & Happy You


In the pandemic and  post pandemic times, the world will face many  economic, social and emotional  challenges. The realization of being in control of their life can empower people to ensure their wellness by taking charge of their thoughts, emotions and ways in which to deal with stressful situations. 


Target audience:

Adults - above 18 years of age- Students on the threshold of making choices in higher education or career, teachers at all levels, other professionals and entrepreneurs placed in decision making roles or situations.


Session objectives:  By the end of this session, participants will have the ability to:

1) identify the cause of stress

2) understand nature of cause of stress

3) understand own perception of the cause of stress

4) take steps to remove or reduce stress

5) effectively deal with worries and issues that trigger stress and take a toll on mental and physical health and as such on the overall well-being of a person



Week 1: (January 11 - 17) Remember to plan time for get-acquainted introductions and practice with session tools as appropriate during the first week. Be as specific as you can at this stage of your planning.


           Focus-  Course Introduction, Participant Introduction,

           Topic Emotions: Need and Importance of Self Awareness, Positive and Negative Emotions, Ways to deal with emotions


           Activity-   Participants get acquainted with moderators and fellow participants by clicking on the World Map and adding their name, location

           marker and a picture or video to introduce themselves.

           Activity/task”How Do You Feel Today?”  - Participants will be required to maintain and write a journal every day during the duration of the course,

                                   briefly  reflecting on how they feel each day.


Week 2: (January 18 - 24)

           Focus- Resilience -  Understanding – : What is it? Why is it Important, How to develop one’s Resilience in a harmonious and positive way

           Activity/ task - Participants use the glossary to list words that come to their mind when they reflect upon their emotions provide definitions



Week 3: (January 25 - 31)

           Focus- Relationships - Understand- importance of  kindness and gratitude

           Activity/task seven days, try to perform seven acts of kindness, Group Reflections on Kindness



Week 4: (February 1 - 7)

           Focus-  Understanding: Importance of Engagement, bonding and ways to engage

           Activity/task -   Discussion about  Empathy. 'Why is empathy important?'



Week 5: (February 8 - 14)
Be sure to plan time in your syllabus for wrap-up and session evaluations. Don't start a new project or topic in the last week.


           Focus -     Reflections and Certificates

           Activity-  Participants will - reflect and comment on what they derived from the course on a Padlet wall,  design an action plan to commit

                           themselves to attaining wellness in their life,




  • Interactive space  On Moodle –Announcements, Support, Discussion forums, and Padlet, Wakelet, Email and Facebook Page.
  • Content space  On Moodle, Facebook Group MAPSTAMP
  • Live meeting space ZOOM, Google Meet


Other technology tools:  Chirbit, Moavi 



 Badges and Certificates- The Session Wellness  A Healthy & Happy You emphasizes on  learning in interactive way and by engaging with peers. There are a

       number of activities that participants need to complete before going on to the next learning experience. A 'Certificate of Participation in EVO 2021' will be

       awarded to participants who  complete all the activities and have  earned the badges.



 Suggested sponsor(s): 


  • Adult Education
  • Bilingual-Multilingual Education
  • English for Specific Purposes
  • Higher Education
  • Intercultural Communication
  • International Teaching Assistants
  • Materials Writers
  • "Nonnative" English Speaker Teachers
  • Program Administration
  • Refugee Concerns
  • Social Responsibility
  • Supporting Students With Disabilities
  • Teacher Educator





Registration from Jan 3 - 10, 2021. 



To Join Wellness- A Healthy And Happy You in EVO 2021 


  1. Go to: https://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=303
  2. Click on Wellness EVO21
  3. Log in the first and each time by clicking on one of the following social icons: Facebook, Microsoft, Gmail, or LinkedIn on the login page: Login in with Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft
  4. Enrol in Wellness EVO21



If you need further help on how to log in, please watch the following video:

How to Sign Up and Login (video)








Name (last, first)

Email address

(country of residence)

(max. 50 words) 


Rahalkar, Dr Anupama mood.anupama24@gmail.com  India 

Anupama has a Ph.D in Education from Savitribai Phule Pune University, 25 years of experience as a School Teacher, and as Lecturer and Assistant Professor in Teacher Training College and running own business for several years. Presently, Anupama works as School Consultant and Corporate Trainer. She is developing learning material for online and offline education.


Omal Peter



Peter Omal.  MA., BFA., BS-MIS., PGDipEd., UAV Pilot. From Kingston Jamaica ,  Lecturer of Technology in Classroom, Information Technology for Artists and Entrepreneurs, Visual Communication, Lecturer in  Graphics Designs at Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts for the last 17yrs, and  at  International University  of Caribbean,  Principal of Television Production and Webpage design from 2015- 2019.

MERKAZI, Dr Ahmed Fal a_merkazi@yahoo.com  Morocco 

Ahmed Fal MERKAZI is Professor of Higher Education, PhD in Educational Technology and laureate of the faculties of Education Sciences of Mohammed V University in Rabat and Laval University in Quebec - Canada. He is also a normalist in Physics and Chemistry at the École Normale Supérieure - Souissi of Rabat in 1982 and holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Techniques. Since 1994, In his extensive career as an educationist Ahmed Fal MERKAZI has held several distinguished positions in the various Ministeries of Government of Morocco and several International agencies of higher learning. His professional career has been characterized by a continuous alternation between teacher training, research and thesis supervision and national, provincial or local administrative responsibilities.

Deutsch, Dr Nellie nellie.muller.deutsch@gmail.com  Canada  Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D. is a Canadian long distance teacher, runner, and healer. She has been teaching EFL in the public school system and at universities for over 40 years. Her teaching expertise include junior high school (ages 12-15) team leadership and adult teacher development. She also practices mindfulness, the Alexander Technique, the Paula Method, and Reiki in and out of the classroom  Nellie.jpg 


Primary Contact:  Dr Anupama Rahalkar- (Mob) +91-8669320922



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