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Intercultural Competence 






Intercultural competence is required today more than ever to avoid conflict and misunderstanding. Due to COVID-19 lockdown, we have gone ever more online and our interactions have become even more globalized. As each culture has its own values, practices, and ways of communicating, this session will help you understand them better and therefore help you achieve your goals.


Target audience:

Educators, entrepreneurs and students interacting at a global scale


Session objectives:

Learners will be able to:  

  • Demonstrate openness and curiosity about their own and diverse cultures
  • Communicate respectfully and appropriately with others from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Understand and appreciate their own cultural or multicultural identities
  • Demonstrate an awareness of their roles and responsibilities as citizens within society 
  • Understand their local and global roles with regard to national and international issues, such as environmental issues and sustainable living practices.


Syllabus: The session syllabus. Include the major focus for each week and at least one activity or task. You will fill in the details during the training session.


Week 1: (Jan 11 - Jan 17, 2021) Remember to plan time for get-acquainted introductions and practice with session tools as appropriate during the first week. Be as specific as you can at this stage of your planning.

Introduction - Introduce yourself and your culture:

In this week, the participants will introduce each other and discussing their cultures.


Week 2: (Jan 18 - Jan 24, 2021)

Cultural Being:

Exploring and understanding own culture


Week 3: (Jan 25- Jan 31, 2021)

Intercultural Phenomena:

Exploring and understanding other cultures


Week 4: (Feb 1 - Feb 7, 2021)

Local and Global Roles:

Practicing our own and other cultures being a global citizen 


Week 5: (Feb 8 - Feb 14, 2021)
Be sure to plan time in your syllabus for wrap-up and session evaluations. Don't start a new project or topic in the last week.

Showcasing reflections on Padlet or Wakelet




  • Interactive space - Moodle
  • Content space - Moodle
  • Live meeting space - ZOOM/Jitsi/Google Meet


Other technology tools: Wakelet, Google Drive


Join this session


Registration starts on Jan 3, 2021. 


To join this EVO session:


From January 3 - 10.


  1. Go to: http://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=313
  2. Log in the first and each time by clicking on one of the following social icons: Facebook, Microsoft, or Gmail on the login page: Login in with Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft 
  3. Enrol in https://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=313



If you need further help on how to log in, please watch the following video:

How to Sign Up and Login (video)




Suggested sponsor(s): IATEFL Business Sig



Moderators: Fill in the table on the page you have created for all session moderators and co-moderators. You can change or add to the list later. Co-moderators are expected to take part in the training session along with moderators.


Name (last, first)

Email address

(country of residence)

(max. 50 words) 


Mushtakhusen S.M.



Mushtakhusen SM is an Assistant Professor at ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad, India. He teaches management graduates and undergraduates and handles courses in Business Communication and Soft Skills. He has over 17 years of experience in academics as well as industry. His area of interest is Business Communication, Cross-cultural Communication, Intercultural Competence, Global Skills, 21st Century Skills, Employability Skills, Online Learning-Teaching, Educational Technology, Educational Psychology, Wellness, etc. 

Patricia Andrada traduccionesandrada@gmail.com Argentina

Patricia Andrada is an educator, ESOL Cambridge examiner and certified translator. Her background includes over twenty years in Education career services and she is passionate about supporting learner autonomy and promoting personal growth 

Patricia holds a B. Ed. and a Master's Degree in Legal Translation and Court Interpreting, awarded by the University of Buenos Aires. 

Dr. Nellie Deutsch nellie.muller.deutsch@gmail.com Canada Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D. is a Canadian who practices long distance teaching, running, and healing. She has been teaching EFL in the public school system and at universities for over 40 years. Her teaching expertise include junior high school (ages 12-15) team leadership and adult teacher development. She also practices mindfulness, the Alexander Technique, the Paula Method, and Reiki in and out of the classroom.    


Primary Contact: 


Mushtakhusen S.M. mushtakhusen.sm@gmail.com +91-955-377-0905


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